WeedGuard Plus -
Stops weed
on biological way

Better yields froma healthy soil

WeedGuard Plus for healthy growth

WeedGuard Plus for every use

WeedGuard Plus, the 100% biodegradable paper weed blocker for commercial and organically producing farmers, landscapers and home gardeners.

A healthy environment

With WeedGuard Plus you can improve your yields and create a healthy environment for your plantations. The planted crops grow without weed competition and completely without herbicides – the sown crops start earlier and healthier!

Increases your yield

No matter what you grow, with WeedGuard Plus you increase your yield without the use of chemical agents and with less effort and prevent weed growth. And once you have harvested, simply plough WeedGuard Plus under the soil, because WeedGuard Plus decomposes slowly during the growing season, adding useful organic matter to your soil.

No matter what you grow

Whether you grow flowers, vegetables, bushes or fruit, WeedGuard Plus is equally suitable for all areas.

Make your big contribution to a healthy environment!

The right quality
for every area of application

In addition to the two qualities Standard Weight and Heavy Weight,
we also offer you a WeedGuard Plus quality which has been enriched with nutrients.


WeedGuard Plus makes it easy for you!

Whether manually or mechanically, WeedGuard Plus can be easily laid in just a few steps. Just make sure that you weigh WeedGuard Plus down at the edges to prevent it from shifting, for example. When laying WeedGuard Plus by hand, use a few stones for weighting down and make sure that the edges of the WeedGuard Plus are covered as evenly as possible with soil in the case of mechanical laying.

Healthy and weed-free – WeedGuard Plus, the natural choice for outdoors and indoors!

No matter what you grow or how large your acreage is, WeedGuard Plus not only saves you time and money, it also helps you fight weeds effectively. WeedGuard Plus is the natural alternative to black plastic film and is suitable for both conventional and organically producing farms.

WeedGuard Plus allows for the best possible start for landscape plants. It suffocates weeds and allows water and nutrients to pass through so that plants can thrive optimally. NO to laborious weeding and plucking – YES to a healthy environment.

Greenhouses offer ideal conditions – not only for plants, but also for weeds. WeedGuard Plus eliminates weeds without time-consuming hand weeding or the use of herbicides. And it also works with overhead irrigation systems.

Do you want less weeds and thus more growth? Would you rather grow organically and do without pesticides and plastic films? Then WeedGuard Plus is the answer! Get more out of your garden and enjoy the time saved.

All advantages at a glance

Weeds rob your plants of water and valuable nutrients. WeedGuard Plus is the natural and time-saving alternative to weed control. The robust material can be laid on the prepared beds in no time at all and ensures “stress-free” growth of your plants. No more laborious removal of plastic films and their costly disposal. With WeedGuard Plus you make a decision for the environment and save time and money.

A product that you can use with little effort, that delivers better results and benefits the environment.

More than an alternative.

No laborious removal of weed films after the growing season, no time-consuming and costly disposal of the plastic material. With WeedGuard Plus, you are choosing the biological alternative that not only suppresses the growth of annual and perennial weeds sustainably, but also provides other important prerequisites for the healthy growth of your plants.

An additional plus.

No matter what you grow, WeedGuard Plus can improve your yields with less work and without the use of chemical sprays or plastic weed blockers. WeedGuard Plus decomposes slowly during the growing season and adds useful organic material to the soil.

The natural choice for organic and conventional cultivation.

WeedGuard Plus consists of natural, soil-friendly cellulose fibres and offers an organic, eco-efficient and chemical-free method of weed control. The fibre piles also promote stronger and earlier growth, while the material naturally decomposes during the growing season.

100% biodegradable.

WeedGuard Plus saves time and money by eliminating the costly removal and disposal of the plastic films. WeedGuard Plus slowly decomposes after the harvest has ripened and you simply plough it into the soil.

All natural, organic.

With WeedGuard Plus you can be sure that you are not harming the environment. All available qualities are certified for organic farming.

WeedGuard Plus creates a “stress-free” environment for the plants.

University studies show that WeedGuard Plus helps to ensure that plants grow “stress-free” by warming the soil at the beginning of the season and eliminating weed competition.

Permeable to water and air.

The structure of WeedGuard Plus is suitable for any type of irrigation method, this means WeedGuard Plus not only allows water to pass through but can also be laid on irrigation systems. In addition, WeedGuard Plus withstands heavy rain and allows air to circulate so that the roots are spared the effects of high heat exposure.

An additional plus for your soil

In addition to the two qualities Standard Weight and Heavy Weight, we also offer you a WeedGuard Plus quality which has been enriched with nutrients. This not only prevents weed growth, but also …


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No matter which quality you choose, your plants will be thrilled. Guaranteed!